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Stop today in for sales on all of our flooring, bedding, and Kirsh window treatments.  No matter where you are planning on redecorating, we have a sale for you!

Enjoy the view.

It’s appropriate that Boat’s Home Furnishings is located in the quaint setting of scenic downtown Pella. That’s because our store is a sightseeing experience in itself.

The architecture of our store fits in nicely with the old-world charm of Pella. But the inside is what you’ll really want to see — room after room of fine home furnishings, floor coverings, window treatments, and accessories all under one roof.  We are the one stop store for your home decorating needs.

You’ll see exceptional quality, and affordable prices. Thanks to our magnificent displays, you will also see how our furniture and accessories can look in your home. 

Click here to see a list of our manufacturers.



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